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Picture of Artist Michele pew in action.

About The Artist

Michele Pew, a self-taught abstract painter hailing from Kensington, MD, embodies a rich artistic heritage. Her upbringing, steeped in art due to her mother's role as a docent at The Hirshhorn Museum and her artistically inclined late Aunt, Emily Boosahda, shaped her creative journey. Graduating from the University of Maryland and later studying at SVA and Tressle Gallery in New York, Michele's career as a Creative Director for television networks spanned 15 years. In 2016, she transitioned to freelance work, unleashing her passion for painting.

Fueled by her fine arts exploration and media career, Michele's abstract expressionist canvases burst with color and energy. Bold brushstrokes, playful drips, and intense drabs merge in captivating choreography. She fearlessly experiments with techniques and mediums, including acrylics, metal leaf, oil bar, and more. Emotion propels her artistry, with layers of texture and mediums unveiling the depth of her feelings. A professor once noted, "Michele wears her heart on her paintings," making her creations a direct reflection of her life's journey. Michele Pew's artwork, both a personal revelation and a dance of colors, captures the essence of abstract expressionism.

Pews works are held in numerous private collections worldwide. Her current studio is in Chevy Chase, MD which she shares with her floofy floo retriever/collie mix rescue dog, Jack Black. 

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